0638.cm_【官方首页】-太阳城集团四级模拟测试题1Part Writing(30 minutes) Directions: part,you allowed30 minutes shortessay entitled GettingCertificates Campus.You should write least150 words following outlinegiven below. 1.大学校园内各种证书的报考十分火热 2.大学生考证的利弊 3.考证面前,我的选择 GettingCertificates CampusPart ReadingComprehension (Skimming Scanning)(15 minutes) Directions: part,you have15 minutes goover passagequickly AnswerSheet questions1-7, choose bestanswer from fourchoices marked questions8-10, complete informationgiven passage.Main Energies balanceddiet adequateintake thereforegood health. dietcan easily normalbodily functioning, yet may balanceddiet. Carbohydrates Carbohydrates rapidsource body’sfuel. balanceddiet should madefrom carbohydrates. dietaryrequirements carbohydrates easilystored cells,although carbohydrate firstsource averageadult requires about 12,000kJ day,most cells.Carbohydrates usedprincipally respiratorysubstrates, i.e. releaseenergy activetransport, macromolecule synthesis, cell division musclecontraction. Carbohydrates cells.Sources rice,potatoes, wheat othercereals. Sugars alsocarbohydrates, refinedsugar sucrose,which foodsweetener fruitsugars dietlacks carbohydrate stores energysource. Proteins Protein directsource usedprimarily bodytissues while remaining energysource lastresort. Proteins fulfill widevariety brokendown aminoacids which bodycan only form aminoacids buildproteins from, dietmust provide Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) which proteinswhich can structural,i.e. collagen bone,keratin hair,myosin muscle;metabolic enzymes, hemoglobin, protective antibodies communicativehormones. Sources proteininclude meat, fish, eggs dietneeds synthesisproteins without otheramino acids synthesizedfrom EAAs so dietlacks originalEAAs othertwo presenteither. Phenylalanine cysteine.Cells draw upon aminoacids proteinsynthesis which either come from dietary protein digested bodyprotein muscle.However, unlike fats aminoacids anyamino acid immediatebodily requirements brokendown thereforeimportant dietaryintake proteineveryday. bodylacks protein, muscle wasting occurs brokendown. persondevelops kwashiorkor which causedwhen high levels diet.One symptom abnormalcollection fluidaround abdomendue bodycannot retain water fluidaccumulates tissuescausing them becomewaterlogged. Vitamin Categories Vitamins cannot bodyso must diet.Vitamins have commonstructure smallamounts utilizeother dietary components efficiently. Vitamins fall twocategories, fat soluble vitamins fattyfoods watersoluble vitamins groupvitamins micronutrientsbecause only small quantities healthydiet, factfat soluble vitamins can highconcentrations, bodystores vitamin highconcentrations bloodstream, morethan 3300mg consideredtoxic. Water soluble vitamins groupsvitamins can diet.Vitamins properfunctioning epithelialtissues. dry,rough skin, inflammation xerophthalmia,which occurs when lubricatingtears eyelidsbecome swollen pus.Mucous surfaces eyemay become eroded allowing infection cornea.Night blindness dimlight can also occur. Rod cells eyedetect light lowintensity, convertvitamin pigment,rhodopsin, which bleachedwhen light enters eye.Rod cells resynthesis rhodopsin, vitamin,rod cells can longerfunction nightblindness. Epithelial cells use retinol makeretinoic acid, intracellularmessenger used celldifferentiation growth.Without retinoic acid epithelial cells maintainedproperly bodybecomes susceptible infections,particularly measles respiratorysystem gut.Xenophthalmia commonamong children who’s diets consist mainlycereals littlemeat freshvegetables, Indonesia,Bangladesh, India Philippines.Vitamins anotherfat soluble steroid vitamin which functions stimulatecalcium uptake from itsdeposition bone.vitamin hormonewhen converted activeform "activevitamin whichstimulates epithelialcells absorbcalcium. vitamin thereforeessential growingchildren’s diets strongbones. Without adequate amounts childrencan develop rickets, which legscaused when lackcalcium dietcan lead progressivesoftening boneswhich can make them highly susceptible fracture.Vitamin bodywhen exposed muscles,however, rarelyexposed darklittle vitamin produced.Foods oilyfish allrich darkgreen leafy vegetables fatsoluble vitamin which clottingprocess intestinesbacteria synthesize importantclotting factors which need vitamin Withoutvitamin cutscan fail internalbleeding can occur. Vitamins watersoluble vitamin, known chemically ascorbicacid. citrusfruits mainfunction connectivetissues alsoknown antioxidantwhich helps removetoxins immunesystem. conditionexperienced longjourneys when havefruit diets.Scurvy causes painful, bleeding gums. watersoluble, highdoses urine,very high doses can however cause diarrhea. Vitamins groupvitamins have widerange rolesacting metabolicpathways. mostplant animaltissues involved metabolism,therefore foods liver,yeast dairyproducts allrich groupvitamins. Deficiency groupvitamins include dermatitis, fatigue redblood cells. adultneeds about 12,000kJ dayfrom respiringprocess balanceddiet ultimatelyabsorbed EssentialAmino Acids which build part proteinscan obtainedfrom______. bodytissues ultimatecause called“micronutrients” excessivefat soluble vitamins can bodyonly requires small amount vitaminscan consideredtoxic highconcentrations watersoluble vitamins Nightblindness diseasenormally caused fatsoluble vitamins watersoluble vitamins 10 innatedisability mainfunction preventadults from strongbones progressivesoftening calciumuptake from humanbody produces vitamin doso reasonwhy vitamin body.10. groupvitamins, you should turn ListeningComprehension (35 minutes) Section section,you shortconversations longconversations. eachconversation, one morequestions askedabout what said.Both spokenonly once. After each question pause.During pause,you must read fourchoices marked decidewhich bestanswer. 11 correspondingletter AnswerSheet singleline through centre.注意:此部分试题请在答题卡2 上作答。 11. Shehas some visitors. visitFinland next week. Shehas just visited him week.12. cancelhis trip. bedearly. laterflight. wakeup call. 13. Saturdayafternoon man’sbusy hours. manwon’t Mr.Smith oldfriend manwanted longnap after lunch. 14. Georgewants changehis work. doingpretty good now. Georgedoesn’t like his work. doingwell hiswork. 15. patient.16. womanknows professorhas been busy. womanknows professorhas run 12trouble. womanhas trouble getting along womanregrets having taken up much professor’stime. 17. freshocean air. fishingboat. storespecializing seashells.18. newhouse after biggerhouse. won’tbuy newhouse because can’tfind biggerone. won’tbuy biggerhouse because don’thave enough money. Questions 19 conversationyou have just heard. 19. Shehasn’t been getting adequate grades. Shehasn’t been attending class every day. Shehas been coming schoolmuch too early. Shehas been overloading herself homework.20. Eight.21. getanother class. 13 withdrawfrom class. missjust one more class. Questions 22 conversationyou have just heard. 22. preciousmetal. standardunit measuringweight. preciousmetals. metricsystem. 23. othermetals. observechanges measureamounts rainfall. 24. Someonespilled water Someonelost lowquality metal. measuringhad changed. 25. smallamount somuch precious metal. importantfunction. toohigh lightweight. Section 14Directions: section,you shortpassages. eachpassage, you hearsome questions. Both spokenonly once. After you hear question,you must choose bestanswer from fourchoices marked correspondingletter AnswerSheet singleline through centre.Passage One Questions 26 passageyou have just heard. 26. WestPoint. CarlisleIndian School. OlympicGames held Stockholm.27. heldgrand banquets hishonor. welcomedhim gavehim madehim professionalathlete. 28. Becausesomeone found out Thorpehad been using drugs. BecauseThorpe had once been amateurathlete. BecauseThorpe’s fame began declineafter OlympicGames. 15 BecauseThorpe had been professionalathlete onetime. Passage Two Questions 29 passageyou have just heard. 29. LordSandwich. Someinventors. LordSandwich. Somescientists. 30. collectrents harshland agent. Englishlandowner. speak.31. Hedismissed Hemade word“boycott” popular. Heremoved poortenants. Heincreased taxes.Passage Three Questions 32 passageyou have just heard. 32. wereonly grandparents onefather, one mother, weremany relatives. weretwo morebrothers wives.33. womenhave more freedom canshare 16decisions. womendo women’srelatives do helpthem. womenhave all family.34. Husbandshave helpthem. Olderwomen often live alone when husbandsdie. Familystructure morepatriarchal nuclearfamily. Womenhave helpsisters, grandparents childcare.35. stayhome haveenough money. havetoo much work muchfree time. havemore freedom than past.Section section,you passagethree


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